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Alkaline VS. Acidic body – How to alkalize your body?

how to alkalize your body Alkaline VS. Acidic body -


Alkalizing your body with Ganoderma

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Nutrition experts have long agreed that in order to be healthy, we need to consume at least five servings of fruit and vegetables every day.

While the majority of us are probably aware of this; the hectic, fast paced lives most of us lead can make it difficult to adhere to a healthy diet that contains all of the nutrients we need to keep our bodies healthy and functioning at optimal efficiency. So, what can we do to make sure we keep our bodies running like the well oiled, finely tuned machines Mother Nature intended them to be?

How to alkalize your body? Ganoderma May Help!

Fortunately for those of us who end up eating on the run too often instead of sitting down to a well balanced meal with the food groups we need to be healthy and resist disease, there is Ganoderma.

What is Ganoderma?

Ganoderma is widely considered to be the most alkaline food known to exist in the world today.

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Why is this a good thing? How to alkalize your body with ganoderma?

Simply because many scientists believe there are at least 150 different diseases that are unable to survive in a person whose body has an alkaline pH!
Too often, we grab a sugar laden, high carb muffin, sweet roll or other pastry we can eat with one hand while we drive to work….and call it breakfast. You should know that these goodies—although tasty—are quite unhealthy because they promote the growth of things that can cause disease, such as fungi and yeasts.

Even if you have time for a sit-down meal to start your day, many traditional breakfast foods are high in protein. While we all need a certain amount of protein rich foods for good health, an excess of them can lead to an acidic level in your body that is conducive to disease.

Acidosis, or having too high an acidity in your body, is to be avoided.

The Effects of Acidosis

Why should we strive to avoid having our bodies in a state of acidosis?
As mentioned above, there are many diseases that survive and thrive in an acidic environment. So, if you want to be healthy and stay free of disease, eating foods that throw your body into acidosis is the last thing you want!

Here is a brief explanation of what happens when you ingest too many acidic foods such as proteins:

Your skin, lungs and kidneys are all forced to work overtime in order to try and bring your pH toward healthy alkaline levels. To do this, they must borrow alkaline minerals from tissue and bone.

Here are the minerals that are robbed to try and help you to alkalize your body:


Your muscle tissue is broken down, too, in order for your body to get the alkalizing amino acids it needs, such as glutamine. Over time, your bones are weakened and your muscles are literally wasting away….and overall aging is greatly accelerated.
Osteoporosis, kidney stones, gout, loss of muscle, back and joint problems are just a few of the conditions that can result from even a slightly acidic state.

How to alkalize your body? How Can DXN Ganoderma Help Combat Acidosis?

Since Ganoderma is believed to be the most alkaline food available, it might be a powerful ally in your battle against acidosis. Ganoderma can help your body attain a healthy pH balance that, in turn, plays an important role in protecting you from disease and ill health.

A healthy pH level is 7.356 on the pH scale.

There are multiple symptoms and health conditions that may arise from a pH imbalance above this desired number. For example, weight problems at both ends of the spectrum—being both underweight and overweight—may result from acidosis; along with a host of other diseases and health problems including:

-Skin problems such as acne
-Cardiovascular problems
-Bone and Joint problems
And Many More

How to alkalize your body with foods?

To slow down or preferably stop these and various other conditions that are a result of your body being in a state of acidosis, you need to take in enough alkaline foods so that your body isn’t forced to constantly draw from your organs in an attempt to restore your healthy pH balance.

By making sure you get enough healthy alkaline foods and fluids, you will halt the damage done to your entire body when it has to try and restore itself to the preferred alkaline pH.

Ganoderma is your go-to source for the alkaline foods your body needs for robust good health!

An Alkaline Diet

You can help Ganoderma work by eating a diet that contains at least 80 percent of foods that are alkalizing.
You should avoid exceeding 20 percent of foods in your diet that are acidic or even neutral. In general, foods that promote acidosis are meats and dairy products, breads, chocolate, soft drinks, tea and coffee.
When you keep these acidic foods to a minimum and focus instead on alkaline-forming foods such as green leafy and other vegetables, soy products and many sorts of seeds such as sesame and others; you are helping your body maintain the healthy alkaline balance it requires to keep you in glowing good health and wellness!
In addition to eating alkaline foods, drinking alkaline water is another way of helping your body rid itself of unhealthy acid wastes and flushing them from your tissues. Alkaline water will be between 9-11 pH.

An Alkaline Way of Life with Ganoderma

If you want to enjoy abundant good health and overall wellness, you should consider an alkaline way of life.
By eating the proper alkalizing foods, avoiding acid-forming foods, drinking alkaline water and taking nutritional supplements such as Ganoderma; you can gradually restore your body to the desired pH.

Many people who have experienced this process are amazed at the difference it makes in their energy level and general health, with reports of improved skin, a decrease in allergy symptoms, more acute mental processes and numerous other benefits.
Perhaps one of the most heralded results of getting your pH balance to a healthy, alkaline level is weight loss. Once your body ceases to need fat cells to store excess acids; it begins to melt them away.

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Try an alkaline way of life with Ganoderma as your strong right arm in the fight against aging, disease and weight problems; and discover for yourself how wonderful life can be when you enjoy radiant health and boundless energy!


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