Lingzhi Black Coffee 20 x 4,5 g


DXN Linghzi Black Coffee is based on a unique recipe made from the highest quality instant coffee (100% Brazilian arabica) and ganoderma extract. DXN Linghzi Black Coffee is sugar-free, so it is also recommended for those who want to reduce the daily sugar intake.

With Lingzi Black Coffee blood circulation can be improved

Thanks to the ganoderma medicinal fungus, blood circulation can be improved.

If you want the best black coffee!

Striking flavor: Black Coffee is an unflavoured, powerful, characterful coffee to start your busy days.

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Enjoy the best arabica organic coffee with ganoderma extract.

Ganoderma lucidum organic extract, colloquially known as reishi mushroom, is a widespread fungus in Eastern Medicine. More than 200 of its components have been identified so far. Only a few have been shown to have remarkable health benefits to the body. These are Organic Germanium, Phytonutrients, and Polysaccharides. These components work synergistically, increasing the potency of this fungus.

Boosts your immunity

According to several research, Reishi mushrooms can improve the function of white blood cells’ components, enhancing your body’s defence against infection-causing microorganisms.

Lingzhi Black Coffee may reduce stress and fatigue

Research shows Reishi mushrooms increase blood circulation to the adrenal glands, thus facilitating their optimal functioning. That helps stabilize your nervous system, protecting it from stress while regulating your sleep-wake cycle.

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