DXN Black Cumin Plus


DXN Black Cumin Plus® is a specialized food supplement with selected quality Nigella sativa, in combination with
cloves and pepper, which has significant antioxidant activity.

DXN black cumin plus benefits

For Nigela sativa, more than 500 clinical studies have been published regarding its anticancer activity (PubMed).
the seeds of the plant improve

  • functions of the liver
  • blood circulation
  • and contribute to reducing cholesterol.

What is Black Cumin Plus active substance

The active substance thymoquinone,
in addition to anticancer activity, contributes to the reduction of allergic reactions to foods.

What kind of beneficial effect black cumin seeds and oil have

-skin diseases
-for hair health
-on the nails
-anti-aging action.

Who can eat DXN Black Cumin Plus

Black Cumin Plus Used by everyone both young and old.
Packaging: 30 capsules
90 capsules
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