Why choose DXN Ganoderma?

The cold processing method developed by DXN preserves 100% of the active ingredients of ganoderma.
With this procedure, the ratio of the starting and the finished product is 20: 1, therefore the therapeutic effect of DXN ganoderma
really good.
The entire process from cultivation to packaging is based on DXN’s expertise and the materials used.
DXN has received the GMP award from the Ministry of Health of Malaysia and complies with the
ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and TGA quality assurance standards, which is a serious international recognition
In terms of the quality of DXN ganoderma products.

The 90-day-old fungal body of RG (Reishi Gano) is used to preserve all the valuable ingredients in the fungus as well as the valuable spores.
Modern science proves the health benefits of Ganoderma. Main effects:
stimulates blood circulation, increases cellular metabolism and detoxification, harmonizes
physiological processes.
Important ingredients found in ganoderma:
Scientific research has found more than 200 components in ganoderma.

The main components of ganoderma RG are:

1, Polysaccharides:
(a) improve the efficiency of the immune system
b) stimulate self-healing processes
c) inhibit abnormal cell growth
(d) improve the oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells
2, Triterpenoids (these molecules are responsible for the bitter taste of RG):
a) stimulate blood circulation
b) lower blood cholesterol levels
c) reduce allergic reactions
d) have a mood-enhancing and calming effect

  1. Adenosine:
    a) stimulates blood circulation
    b) prevents the platelets from sticking together in the case of tissue acidification
    c) optimizes blood pH
    d) lowers cholesterol levels
  2. Organic germanium
    a) increases the oxygen saturation of the tissues
    b) improves the efficiency of the immune system
    c) stimulates nervous system functions

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GL Ganocelium is an 18-day-old mycelium (fungal filament) of Ganoderma Lucidum. It provides the body with many vitamins and minerals. Due to its high organic germanium content, it is also called an oxygen store.

The main components of ganoderma GL are:

  1. polysaccharides
  2. Organic germanium
  3. A broad spectrum vitamin source
  4. a complex source of minerals
    The content of polysaccharide and organic germanium in GL is 4 times higher than that of RG.
    The main functions of GL:

It does not contain any other ingredients, additives or active substances or dyes.

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