DXN SPIRUDLE HEALTHY NOODLES which is our SPIRUDLE (add to cart ka lagi sakin) DXN Ganoodle and DXN Spirudle are an edgy idea from DXN to bring you healthy and unique instant noodles. What's Special about DXN Ganoodle and DXN Spirudle? ▪️Artificial Colouring Free! ▪️Oil-Free Drying Process! ▪️No others have the distinct addition of Ganoderma Lucidum and Spirulina! ▪️Craveable and Authentic Tom Yam flavor! Let's enjoy these healthy and easily prepared food for this fast paced lifestyle!

Organic DXN SPIRUDLE Spirulina noodles add a gourmet twist to your home cooked creations.

The DXN Spirudle Spirulina Platensist is an instant pasta special, which can be purchased from April 1!  

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