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DXN Cream Coffee 20 x 14g

Ganoderma Dairy Milk Coffee With No Sugar

DXN Cream coffee is my choice when I want to take a break from the sweet types of DXN healthy coffees. After a mug I do not miss sugar, it has such an unforgettable taste. DXN Cream Coffee is a ganoderma Coffee with vegetable milk powder Without Sugar. DXN Cream Coffee contains premium instant Arabica coffee, Lingzhi mushroom extract and vegetable milk powder. It does not contain any sugar, only herbal cream so it is  recommended for vegans and those who restrain from sugar. With its delicious, silky flavor DXN Cream Coffee is an excellent healthy coffee drink. Does DXN Cream Coffee Taste Bitter? No, it does not. There is a slight vanilla-like flavor to it, this is my favorite next to DXN Lingzhi Black Coffee. How to preapare DXN Cream Coffee? I would like to purchase with discount
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